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The Progress Watch Co., Ltd.

Watch Case Manufacturing Since 1974


Complete Watch cases

We provide the following :


  • Complete design (CAD/CAM) facilities and a highly skilled and experienced design team.

  • Stainless Steel (1.4404 and 1.4435 and Titanium (Grade 2 and Grade 5) complete watch cases (sapphire glasses, lunettes, pushers, crowns, backs ...)

  • Gold plating (cadmium free) / PVD treatment / Black or Yellow or IP 4N - 5N

  • Round or shaped opening watch cases. Men's / Ladies' – Chrono / Classic

  • Laser & acid engraving

  • Case hardening of Stainless Steel

  • Hydrogen annealing process

  • No tooling costs

  • Assembly performed in a clean white room class 100’000

Turn-Key design and manufacturing solutions

We offer our clients full product development, research and proof of concept facilities :


  • Research & Development

  • Design process and validation

  • Prototyping

  • Procurement facilities for outsourced parts 

  • Patent filing

Why PRG?
  • Successful track record since 1974

  • Certified NIHS Standard

  • Swiss Management

  • Competitive/ Degressive pricing

  • No tooling costs 

  • After-sales service – model parts available for ten years

  • All prices are NET, with GSP certification (Generalized System of Preferences)

  • Airfreight – 48h transit time

  • Willing to sign NDA

Lead times
  • Two weeks for drawings

  • Three weeks for prototypes

  • Three weeks for production samples.

  • Lead times for production of at least 1000 pieces – 90 days after order confirmation approved

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